Single-ply & Epdm

EPDM coatings are made up of elastomeric compound that is manufactured from ethylene, propylene, and a small amount of diene monomer. These ingredients are synthesized to produce a product that exhibits a high degree of ozone, ultraviolet, weathering and abrasion resistance, and outstanding low temperature flexibility and due to which best suits for roof leaks repair and roof leaks coatings. EPDM coatings are available in several thicknesses, with or without polyester scrim reinforcement and can be installed in ballasted, mechanically fastened or adhered applications.

The EPDM single-ply rubber roofing coatings have been an appealing choice for roof leaks repair for residential roofing and commercial roofing industry for over 40 years.

  • The number one roofing choice of architects, roof consultants and contractors for both new construction and replacement roofing projects according to Building Design and Construction magazine and the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) 2002-2003 market surveys.
  • Over 1 billion square feet of new roof coverings in the United States annually.
  • More than 500,000 warranted roof installations on 20 billion-plus square feet.

Superior Performance

The greatest test of any construction material is how it performs under actual field conditions. Forty years of empirical experience in field applications has shown EPDM coatings to have the roof repair industry’s longest average service life. Characteristics that contribute to this superior overall system performance include:

  • EPDM coatings have cyclical membrane fatigue resistance
  • EPDM coatings Proven hail resistance
  • EPDM coatings have high resistance to ozone, weathering and abrasion
  • EPDM coatings have high flexibility in low temperatures
  • EPDM coatings have superior resistance to extreme heat and fire
  • EPDM coatings have thermal shock durability
  • EPDM coatings have ultraviolet radiation resistance

EPDM coatings’ high resistance to wind damage has also proven to be an increasingly desirable attribute.  Architects, roof consultants and contractors have come to depend on EPDM’s time tested, long-term performance for roof leaks repair.

Environmental Responsiveness

EPDM coatings are one of the most sustainable and environmentally responsible roofing materials used today in the construction industry for roof leaks repair and roof maintenance. EPDM coatings have successful track record of superior overall system performance results in low life cycle costs. Epdm roof coatings are less frequent replacement results in decreased building disruptions and reduced impact on the environment. The initial production of the EPDM coatings membrane has a low-embodied energy number (the amount of energy required to produce and implement a product from material extraction, manufacturing and installation).

For designs requiring a colored surface, a epdmcoatings approved EPDM roof repair coatings can be applied. The EPDM coatings surface allows for a robust bond with the EPDM coatings that result in long-term performance. EPDM roof repair coatings also have high emissivity. This feature of EPDM Coatings of high emissivity allows the heat energy to be reflected back into the atmosphere instead of being absorbed by the building. As a result, a building can “cool off” faster at night, rather than hold the heat.

Expansion and contraction, ponding, moisture, thermal shock, and temperature extremes are all factors that promote premature degradation of roof coatings. The great elongation and low temperature flexibility of EPDM coatings accommodate building movement in various climatic conditions without stressing the material. Its moisture absorption resistance allows the material to be installed in assemblies with lesser slope than other single-plies and makes it tolerable to incidental ponding and deflection. Unlike built-up roofing, EPDM coatings do not contain organic material that can decay as the result of moisture caused by condensation or leaks. EPDM coatings, due to its ability to withstand extreme temperature, can be successfully used in assemblies with greater thermal resistance. The ability of EPDM roof coatings to withstand temperature extremes is an important trait of a high performance material because temperature extremes could promote premature EPDM coatings aging and reduce the life expectancy of a roof and reduces chances for roof leaks.

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