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POND Leaks

Pond leaks are a very common pond maintenance problem in the world. Some pond leaks may be barely noticeable while larger pond leaks can completely drain a pond. Unfortunately, pond leaks repair can be one of the most difficult problems associated with pond maintenance. If you think that you have a leaking pond, this short fact sheet introduces the basic steps for determining your leaking pond and some tips for pond leaks repair.

Causes of Pond Leaks

Pond leaks may develop from a number of causes. Probably the most common cause for pond leaks is inadequate construction of the pond bottom. Simply put, it is best to avoid a leaking pond by properly constructing the pond from the beginning. Areas of sand or gravel, or fractures in bedrock that were not adequately covered with soil during construction, may eventually let pond leaks to happen. Pond leaks may also occur around the pond banks or on the pond dam as a result of tree roots or muskrat holes. These pond leaks can be prevented by removing trees from the pond dam and by discouraging muskrats. In older ponds, pond leaks sometimes develop from outlet pipes that rust and leak below the water surface.

Is Your Pond Really Leaking?

In some cases, a pond that appears to be losing water may not really be leaking. All ponds lose water to both evaporation and seepage. Even a perfectly constructed pond with good soil may lose 1 inch of water per month to seepage. Losses due to evaporation can also be noticeable, especially during summer months. If a pond has a continual supply of water from a spring or stream, this loss due to evaporation is usually not noticed. This is especially true for ponds that have less than 10 acres of drainage area per acre of pond surface. The maximum loss of water from a pond due to evaporation can be expected on breezy, warm summer days with low humidity. Under these conditions, a pond may lose over one quarter of an inch of water in one day. Thus, during a 2-week period without rain, a pond could lose nearly 4 inches of water simply due to evaporation.

Water level reductions in excess of this amount would be indicative of a pond leak. If the pond level drops for an extended time due to drought, the exposed sides may dry and crack, causing pond leaks when the pond refills.

Finding a Pond Leak

The effort and expense necessary to fix a leaking pond is directly related to your ability to locate the source of the leak. Unfortunately, finding the location of a leak can be very difficult. Inspect the outlet pipe and drain pipe structures first to make sure that they are still intact. These structures often rust through in older ponds or in ponds with corrosive water.

Another characteristic of a pond with a leak along the bank is a rapid loss of water to a certain point, beyond which it then slows or stops losing water. In this case, the location of the pond leaks can usually be found at or near the water surface somewhere around the perimeter of the pond. In the likely event that you cannot locate the general area of the Pond leaks, you will probably need to drain the pond and need complete pond leaks repair the entire pond bottom at significant expense.

Choosing Pond Liners for proper Pond Leaks Maintenance

Pond Liners come in different options for pond leaks repair. The first choice is between preformed and custom-made or flexible. Preformed liners are suitable for small garden ponds and these pond liners are quick and easy to install. Flexible liners are suitable for medium-sized ponds and these pond liners are made of natural materials like rubber and clay, as well as synthetics such as PVC liners.<><>Installing a preformed Pond Liner requires creating a hole suited to the space of the pond. But installing flexible liners requires checking whether any sharp objects will penetrate the liner.

Preformed Pond Liners made of plastic are strong and not likely to create pond leaks. They are difficult to fit, due to their varying shapes and depth sizes, and are suited to small ponds. Such ponds are usually expensive, with high delivery charges. Flexible pond liners include rubber products like butyl rubber, EPDM (ethylene propylene dyiene monomer) rubber. Synthetic plastics include P.V.C. (polyvinyl chloride), polyethylene (a thermo plastic) and Ultra Guard (polymeric alloy).

The primary advantage of flexible Pond Liners is that they are easy to transport. They are not affected by limits of size or shape so they provide most convenient way for pond leaks repair. The materials can be molded into the pond shape of your choice. It is easy to make adjustments and best for pond maintenance. There is a variety of material to suit every need. The pond will look natural as it blends with the landscape.

Synthetic rubber is most versatile pond liners. Called EPDM, it is economical, durable and easy to install. And these pond liners are really flexible. Flexible plastic pond liners such as PVC and HDPE are available, but not as effective as rubber liners.

EPDM Pond Liners for leaking Pond Maintenance

EPDM Pond Liners have high expansion and contraction characteristics that enable it to conform to objects below the pond. Should earth movement occur, such as settling, EPDM’s high elongation will enable it to stretch that is why it’s proves to be best pond liners for pond leaks repair.

EPDM Pond Liners flexibility provides more versatility in the pond design. Unlike preformed liners, it can be easily shaped to fit the unique contours of the pond dimensions, allowing a more unique design.

EPDM Pond Liners stay flexible in temperatures from -40 Fahrenheit to 175 Fahrenheit making it easy to install year round. Unlike other pond liners materials, EPDM Pond Liners do not contain plasticizers that could make it become brittle with age and cause pond leaks or pond cracks in the material, threatening aquatic life.

EPDM Pond Liners requires little or no regular pond maintenance once installed. EPDM pond liners have remarkable resistance to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV), ozone and other environmental conditions.

Our durable EPDM liners are fish friendly and environmentally safe, so you can relax when housing your fish, and aquatic plant life or wants any pond liner material for your pond maintenance and pond leaks repair.

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