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Liquid Rubber is the ONLY epdm product in liquid form in the world. Liquid EPDM applied over generally sound single ply EPDM can extend its life another 20 years. The “Do-it-yourself Solution” save thousands on normal roof installations. Fix Roof Leaks, Seal and Protect Surfaces. One Coat Application. Great on existing EPDM rubber roofs.

Epdm Liquid Rubber
Liquid Roof Product Can

No Primer or Top Coat needed, Easy application! Liquid EPDM can be applied at any temperature however it will not cure until it gets above 55 degrees. Also note Liquid EPDM is not effected by rain even while it is curing.
First. No other product can match the durability of EPDM rubber. EPDM Liquid Roof and EPDM Liquid Rubber are true EPDM liquid rubber roof sealant Rubbers, And are easily applied, have a slow cure time and are water resistant. Repairing roof leaks is now very easy, EPDM coatings provides a strong roof repair solution.

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  • Liquid Roof is nearly identical chemically to sheet EPDM but with the distinct advantage of being a liquid. It is self-adhering and seamless.
  • It will seal leaks, reduce heat build-up and rain noise and considerably extend the service life.
  • Liquid EPDM has proven itself superior to Acrylics, Urethanes and other elastomers for up to 3 times longer.
  • As a liquid it can conform to any shape of roof, flashing, or protrusion both vertical and horizontal. It cures by chemical reaction to form a self adhering seamless membrane.
  • Liquid EPDM forms 100% seamless membrane.
  • The unique properties of EPDM rubber make it a versatile maintenance and repair product and its uses are limitless!

Helpful Tips For Contractors

Applications on Commercial Roofs With Liquid Rubber

Steel-Metal applications
One of the greatest benefits to our roofers with respect to metal roofs is the fact that it is a one coat system. All the other systems require not just a primer but two or three coats of the topcoat making a costly project when tallying up the total material costs and associated labor costs. Liquid epdm rubber when dry will result in a twenty mil thick membrane. You can actually apply up to a 60 min on the initial coat. Coverage on a 5 gallon pail is 210 square feet based on a 20 mil coverage.

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Wood Substrate Applications: Liquid Rubber may be directly applied on any wood however you would need to first apply coatings of the ProFlex primer.

Concrete and the application of Liquid EPDM: As the Liquid EPDM cures it will find its way into the small little penetrations and fissures within the joints.  During the slow curing/drying process the Liquid Rubber will find its way into the smallest of surface pores and we suggest on these rough surfaces the square footage is 30 square feet per gallon.  For troweled or finished concrete 42 sq ft. if acceptable.  Any open pores or fissures we suggest priming them first with ProFlex primer let the primer set up for approximately 24 hours until it is tacky to the touch but do not let the primer dry out otherwise you will need to reapply.  Liquid Rubber has proven over the years to be highly effective to waterproof rain gutters, adobe structures. 

For Flashing repairs: When encountering areas where the wall and roof meet this transition is not a problem with the use of the poly fabric. You apply a layer of rubber at the flashing and lay out the fabric over that area and impregnate the fabric into the rubber. Wait 24 hours and then you can coat over the entire area. No fasteners are needed. This allows for quick repairs around cracks, bridges etc after a new storm has identified new leaks.

Industrial Type Uses for Liquid Rubber: Over its history the product has been used quite extensively throughout its 26 year history in siding. As siding ages it begins to corrode particularly along the edges and ends. A one coat application of the rubber not only protects it from further corrosion it will stop any future corrosion on any rusted surfaces since it stops the oxidization process upon application. There is no need for rust inhibitor primer to be applied.EPDM Metal Coating

Storage metal tanks and marine uses: Storage tanks either metal or concrete have significantly increased their life expectancy with a coating of the liquid epdm rubber. Clients who have stores fairly high concentrations of acids to manure transporters have benefited from the non-corrosive nature of the liquid EPDM. In addition any metal structure exposed to salt water would benefit from Liquid EPDM. We have a client who coats their shipping containers once they have determined a protective coatings is needed. Previously they had replace the entire metal roof due to the corrosive nature of the salt water; however, today this one coating has proved throughout the years to stand up to months at sea.

Marine Uses: (Product -9911 Ship Shape)EPDM Coatings are also used extensively used on ships, boats and barges. because of their inherent characteristics: i.e. Ultra Violet stability, salt resistance, excellent water resistance, low and high temperature tolerance and flexibility.9911 Ship Shape is designed specifically for marine use.

Concrete storage, pipe and containment structures:
Rubber Spray

Due to the non-corrosive nature of Liquid epdm its saltwater applications are limitlessness.  Our clients range from dock owners, shipyards, to large shipping container companies.  Liquid Rubber is capable of tolerating constant exposure to saltwater and is even used in underwater saltwater applications.  In addition for those along the beach note also that the UV and ozone resistances and temperature tolerances also have made it a choice for hotel and report’s around the world.  EPDM coatings, liquid epdm rubber also has more than double the percent of volume solids than your standard elastomerics and neoprene products.

For those customers working in corrosive areas we are pleased to inform you that liquid rubber is ideal for variety of acid and corrosive based applications. Below represents testing of the Liquid Rubber exposed to various types of acids along with their specific concentration levels.

Remember, the above are guidelines used to start with. Any applications should be tested thoroughly before putting anything in service. EPDM manufacturers will have some differing formulas and processes and will have some performance differences. So verify all the above information in the field.

Many of our customers have used the Liquid Rubber product in livestock applications such as pig farms, stables and poultry operations. Due to the decomposition of manure there are various chemicals that cause damage to metal and flooring within the manufacturing plants such as Hydrogen sulfide, methane and ammonia. Manure storage facilities benefit greatly sine the substrate the rubber is applied to is protected from any acid erosion or rust if applied to a metal surface. Normal manure pits are housed for a period of up to 120 days at which point they are cleaned out and inspected. No additional coats of the Liquid Rubber would be required.

  • Testimonials

    • Ronald S
      Virginia Beach VA

      I ordered a gallon of Liquid Rubber last summer, and inquired if it could be spread with an adhesive applicator trowel; the sales person was not aware of this having been tried. I tried using a commercially available trowel with 4 sawtooth teeth per inch, and 0.135 inch notch depths, holding the trowel at about a 45 degree tilt.
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    • G Sorrell
      Diboll Lumber Operations

      Everyone was SUPER helpful and knew the product, properties and application methods well. I applied to product on the trailer in about a 2-hour period one evening. It was tricky with the application, from a novice who had not done this before.
      Read more

    • H&W Property Management

      Donna,your staff and your customer service is the reason we buy from you. You had asked us several months ago if we would write up something for your Website. We wanted to get some additional orders first before coming to conclusions.
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    • T. Basset

      We have completed the resurfacing of our commercial roof back in April and ordered a few more pails for areas where we probably did not apply it thick enough. Just wanted to share these photos with you.
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    • B & T Contracting

      You have a great product here and we will be ordering for future jobs we have. We were a bit skeptical at first but when it was fully dry it looked as if we installed a new 15,000 sq piece of sheet EPDM.
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    • Jed L
      Biloxi MS

      This will be the third time our firm has ordered. We completed a project in 05 in the fall and waited for the winter. This was actually the first winter without any leaks. Great product overall.
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