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Roof Seam Repair and Roof Seam Maintenance

Regular roof seam repair and seam maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid costlier problems in the long run. The roof seams are typically one of the primary areas where roof leaks develop. This is true whether that roof seam is a RV roof seam, a flat roof seam house or apartment roof seam building, a mobile home roof seam or a huge office building roof seam. As a roof coatings are exposed to a variety of weather conditions, erosion, expansion and contraction can eventually cause separation of these seams, leading to necessary roof seam repairs.
Roof Seam Repair

If the roof on your manufactured home develops a leak, find the source and fix it right away. If you don’t, your walls, flooring, insulation, woodwork, doors and windows can become permanently damaged and will require roof seam repair.

Finding the roof leak can be the most challenging part of the roof repair. Don’t be surprised if a roof leak in your bathroom originated from a separated roof seam leak over your living room’s roof. When it comes to roof leaks, water does not always travel straight down. It could follow the truss system, it could seep down the sidewalls, or it could pool up in the moisture barrier until it finds an outlet.

To get started, closely inspect your entire roof leaks. Pay particular attention to:

  • The J-rail.
  • The flashing around vents, pipes and skylights.
  • The roof seams and roof sealant.
  • All existing crash buttons
  • Any rusted or worn-looking areas.

You should also make sure you have a roof leak and not a condensation problem. If you can’t find the roof leak, you may need entire roof coatings, which needs to be done every two years anyway. RV Roof Seam Repair

To most RVers, nothing is more annoying than a pesky rv roof water seam, especially the one that pops up in a place of rv roof where there are no rv roof repair centers. In the old days, one would squirt on some silicone or, in pure desperation, cover the rv roof area with duct tape, but these on-the-spot rv roof repairs were very temporary. If you have an rv rubber roof, using the wrong roof sealing material can cause more problems that the initial rv roof seam.

Three Types of Seam Repair Products:

PolyScrim-Roofing Fabric

SeamStitch-Butyl Tape

Eternabond Web Seal Tape

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